How I got started…

Hello there!  My name is Anne and I have NO CLUE what I’m doing writing a blog and for that matter, who will read it.  I think I’m truly just writing this because I love baking and writing and, what the hell, why not combine the two?

Recently I decided that in order to enjoy the slowed down, mellow feeling of fall mornings, I will bake something fun every Sunday morning.  I just dig the idea of a warm kitchen, football on the TV (specifically Seahawks vs, whomever), a sweet aroma floating throughout our small house, and most importantly… me hanging out in my pajamas, drinking tea, and creating some kind of deliciousness (or at least hopefully creating something yummy).

That’s where this is all starting.  Where this will lead, no idea.  What successes I’ll have in the kitchen, no pressures.  Just a fun way to combine two things I love to do.  If I inspire you into your own creativity, I am honored.  If I turn you into someone who doubts all forms of home baking, I apologize.  Just enjoy!

Anne's Portrait

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