Hi there.

I’m about to sound like the most ridiculous, “Holly Homemaker”, but I own it and love it!  I am a wife, sister, aunt, daughter, elementary school teacher, friend, etc. and I just dig spending time at home making my home a warm, inviting place to be.  Beyond that, fall is my favorite time of year.  Things get chilly (in the regular world, not in central California in which I live and love, and which is both drought and heat-wave ridden).  Football floods the TV and makes staying home in comfy sleepwear and slippers a fabulous treat.  You let go of the packed summer nights consisting of BBQ’s, parties, concerts, and vacations to slow moving, cozy, mellow autumn days.  It’s just lovely.  Enjoy…

Me & Peru

4 thoughts on “Hi there.

  1. Hi Anne!
    First, I must say I am so excited to follow your blog! Second, I can’t wait to share all the yummy secrets with you! On your recent visit to Nashville, you shared your email with me but it seems to be failing to send. Please email me so we can keep connected across the country!
    With confectionary love,
    Morgan @ Skulls


    1. Hi Morgan!!! I have to tell you I was having a terrible day until I got your message. You totally put a smile on my face. : ) I’m so excited you reached out because you are a baking goddess! I’m not sure how to get your email from the blog (I am an absolute unsophisticated blogger) but my email is anne.chenoweth1@gmail.com. Give it a try again. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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