Prosecco Pops

That’s right.  I just wrote “Prosecco Pops” because that’s how I roll.

One of my nieces tagged a picture for me on Facebook of these delightfully lovely prosecco pops that are made by a company in the UK.  P.S. They have the greatest stuff over in the UK.  My friend just sent me a link for “Popped Truck”, a mobile prosecco bar!  Why don’t we have that here?????????????

Sorry, I got a bit excited about the endless possibilities involving prosecco.  Back to the point.  In seeing the brilliant idea of prosecco pops my first thought was, “That’s a fabulous idea in every way!”  My second thought was, “I can do that!”

Now, if you look at the picture of my prosecco pop you might be saying to yourself, “That looks horrendous.  She’s nuts!”  And I would have to agree with you (on both counts).  But there’s a reason behind my madness.  I’m cheap.

I enthusiastically and confidently strolled into William Sonoma and inquired about popsicle molds.  I found the box and had to lift my jaw up off of the floor when I saw the $49 price tag.  Really?  Are they lined with gold leaf?  Then I saw the $20 dinosaur popsicle mold and promptly returned the expensive box to the shelf and grabbed the kiddie one.

So while the picture posted on Facebook was beautiful with amazing packaging, my pops look ridiculous.  But they’re tasty!

Prosecco Pops (recipe care of

Prosecco Pops.jpg


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