Peruvian Loveliness

Here Paul and I sit at a seriously delicious candlelit dinner in eastern Peru on the edge of/in the Amazon.

Hacienda Concepcion is a stunning Eco-lodge outside of Puerto Maldanado with a rich history of being a rubber and cacao tree plantation, along with a missionary medical beginning.

The “big house” has an amazing restaurant on the 1st floor with the most welcoming people next to the Irish (gotta hold strong to my heritage). Upstairs is a quaint living room that’s great for an afternoon read (if there’s either enough sunlight or the electricity is running). This place is awesome!

So tonight I had a fresh lentil, tomato, and zucchini salad followed by a steamed local catfish (at least that’s what I think it was). Whatever the case, I devoured both dishes!

But the point of this post is the Brazilian Nut Rolls that were brought to us both warm and inviting. Now y’all know I can be judgemental of baked goods so here is my review… They were CRAZY GOOD! Nutty, slightly sweet, and with butter they melt in mouth.

I boldly asked the adorably young waiter if the baker would share his recipe. Here it is…

Brazilian Nut Rolls (care of Raul at Hacienda Concepcion)

Oh, I forgot to mention this is all from his written Spanish word.

Pan de Castana

INGREDIENTS: 500 gramsharina, 10 grams levadura, 8 grams mejorador, 20 grams Manteca, 100 grams azuear, 1 huevo, Castana (al gusto/para alasa), 8 grams sal

Y Castana para decoracion

2 thoughts on “Peruvian Loveliness

  1. It was so fun meeting you on our Amazon adventure!!! I have to agree, the rolls were to die for, now if I can only translate the recipe to English. You & Paul are a delightful couple! I love when others appreciate food the way I do. I look forward to many more delicious recipes.


    1. Hi Jennifer! It was so great to meet you and your lovely family! We really enjoyed hanging out with you guys! So glad you found my blog. : ) check out some of the other posts, there are a few really yummy recipes…specifically the Nutella muffins. Yum! Hoping y’all are having a blast on the last few days of your Peruvian fun! The Inka trail was AMAZING! We’ll post photos on Facebook if you’re interested… Friend me at Anne Darga. Keep in touch.


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