The Nephews

So I got a text from my 17 year old nephew, Justin, two nights ago with a request.  He asked me to teach him how to make the Nutella  Cinnamon Sugar Muffins (on the blog two weeks ago).  He was coming to Santa Barbara from Long Beach for a few days, so we made a date.

Justin and our other nephew, Dylan (a.k.a. Pickle), showed up at our door at about 7:30.  At about 8:30, they left with a plate full of muffins and full bellies.

Although it’s not Sunday and although I didn’t really do anything, I absolutely loved having these two big teenagers baking with me.  Justin rocked those muffins (way better than mine), with the help of Pickle’s agile ability to wield a spoon full of Nutella.

It was a great night!

Nutella Cinnamon Sugar Muffins (take two)

Justin Pickle and Justin

Justin's Muffins Justin's Post Muffin Boys

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