Kahakuloa Church

Paul and I spent the last week and a half in Maui and Kauai.  Needless to say, it was stunning.  We had a blast with all of our fun and at times crazy adventures, and even during “afternoon rest time” (sometimes that’s my favorite part of the day).

One day, while in Maui, we were in search of a hike called “13 Crossings” recommended by my dear friend, Missy.  As we drove the very windy road along the north-west side of the island, we happened upon this tiny little town.  It was the kind of town that if you blinked, you would have missed it.

To greet us was this adorably charming church that looked like it should have been in a Hawaiian fairy tale.  Just a few yards around the bend, we were abruptly halted by six little locals.  They had been throwing a football around in the middle of the road, but once they saw our car they came running up with all of the enthusiasm of stock brokers as the market opens.

They surrounded our car and beamed the most beautiful white smiles as we opened our windows.  One of them, the leader of the pack with a garland of flowers around her head and smacking her pink gum, quickly asked (I could barely understand her, she spoke so quickly, “Do you want to buy banana bread?  We’re raising money for Kahakuloa Church.  It’s $5.00.”  As she finished her sentence, she shined her pearly whites with a sparkle in her eye.  She could have sold sand to a camel.  Paul and I were hooked.

As she ran to get the freshly baked bread from her grandmother in the coffee shop, we chatted up the other children.  We learned their names, ages, when they start school (the boy was very excited about the first day of school because it will be the first day of football practice), how successful they have been in their sales, etc.  They were hilariously open with no hesitation at all.  We parked so Paul could order a shaved ice along with the bread, and as he ate the refreshing treat I wandered and took pictures.

This was one of the highlights of the trip.  Of course the enormous sea turtles, coral, sea urchins, fish, rainbows, family were all wonderful.  But these six little kids, being so genuine and so comfortable in their lives made it even more special. I still smile thinking of them.

By the way, the banana bread was amazing!

Maui Kids

Coffee Shop  Maui Coffee Shop

Kahakuloa Church  Kahakuloa Church 2  Maui Banana Bread

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