Your 4th decade is gonna kick some serious arse!

This morning, my girlfriends and I made a wonderfully eclectic meal of a spinach, onion, and goat cheese scramble, a pound of bacon, and amazing homemade enchiladas, care of Kristi (incredible cook and definite hostess with the mostess, seriously she should star in her own sassy cooking/entertaining show), and of course impromptu “mimosas” (we didn’t have juice, so instead used sparkling raspberry lemonade ~ far too sweet but lovely with a blackberry floating/dancing in each champagne glass).  As we all chipped in to help we chatted, laughed, and danced around the kitchen.  It was a blast!

This entire morning was the wrap up to a fabulous slumber party celebrating my dear friend, Laura’s 40th birthday.  Kristi invited us all over, and had a wicked fun yet beautiful night planned.  There were lovely cocktails and wine, crazy delicious food (blue/brie mixed cheese and crackers, onion dip and ruffles, and bacon wrapped dates all of which are just fabulous at any time), and devilishly sweet treats along with a Stella Dot jewelry show, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and of course watching “This is 40”.  Kristi’s hosting made the party warm, inviting, fun, and effortless.

Only Laura could be the source to bring all of us together over night for an old-fashioned slumber party.  Laura is someone very special.  She and I met in grade school and of course continued an acquaintance throughout high school because of sports or an occasional “hello” in the hallways.  However she was younger than me so we lost touch after my graduation, until one fated day we ran into each other in “Nail Palace” where we sat next to each other while getting a pedicure.

Laura has this wonderful way of drawing you in and enveloping you in her warmth and hilarious personality.  We chatted and promised to connect with each other again, which didn’t happen until we were both at the same Fiesta party (months later).  Paul and I had been dating for 8 months, I was in love, confetti was flying, margaritas were pouring, and I ran into my soon to be very close friend, Laura.  Since then, we’ve been tight.  She has the unique ability to balance the best qualities of all of us… she’s a gentle bad ass, a spiritual questioner, a wicked funny sincere soul.  In other words, she’s a sparkly diamond in the rough.

Although I didn’t get to bake today, I wanted to share our celebration.  Happy 40th  birthday Laura!

By the way, I absolutely LOVE that Paul’s father, Joe, was disappointed I didn’t bake today.  I think Maddy might have competition for my biggest fan/reader.

The birthday girl…


The rest of us girls…

The Girls

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