Sunday Morning Brunch

Every year my dad loves to get everyone together to celebrate my mom’s birthday at a family brunch.  We get all dressed up, sit at an extremely long table (we need that in order to fit everyone), eat yummy food and sip on lovely morning drinks.  We all shove into one family photo, hoping for one good one out of about 12,000 takes.  We end up laughing and moving more than having a perfectly posed picture while poor Dad worries that the photo won’t turn out.  It’s a formal setting yet informal feeling brunch ending with all of us running around on the grass together (my youngest niece, Aubrey, trying to keep up).  It’s an annual Christmas event, and my dad looks forward to it every year. So due to Mom’s birthday/Christmas brunch, there will be no baking day today.   Hopefully that won’t disappoint my faithful readers too much (I say that with complete sarcasm because in truth, I think my dear friend, Maddy, is the only faithful reader).   I will absolutely write about Christmas morning breakfast.   Christmas Brunch Family Photo

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Brunch

  1. First off, Maddie is not the only faithful reader!!
    Second, Paul was hoping you might do some baking in the afternoon, I, too, was hoping to read about a baking adventure for this weekend but the picture adventure was indeed the cap on a perfect morning!!


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