Morning After

So last night we had a tad bit too much fun at our annual Christmas party.  Because of our tremendous celebrating (it was a blast!), baking day is just not gonna happen.  Instead, a scramble with the left over taco goodies found its way onto our plates.

Christmas Party

This was the easiest party we’ve ever hosted. We had about 50 people stream through our little house and back yard, and it was a very merry crowd! Paul decided that instead of our usual BYOB and appetizer shin dig, we would completely host this year.  So…

On our small patio we set up a long bar filled with various libations, mixers, and bowls of lemons, limes, oranges, blueberries, and blackberries.  It actually looked really pretty.  I made Mexican hot chocolate in the crock pot and  stocked the fridge with beer, wine, and “sparkly” (my nickname for champagne).  We lined the side fence with candles, placed luminaries along the driveway and front path, turned on all of the Christmas lights, and lit the fire.  Our home literally glowed.  Wish I would have taken pictures (see story of why there are no pictures below)!  That was about all we did to prepare for the festivities.

Miguel and his wife, Trina, drove their taco truck right up our short drive way and went straight to work.  As they grilled pork, chicken, and carne asada (hence the taco scramble this morning), our friends and family enjoyed chips, guacamole, and salsa from Los Aguaves.  When the tacos were ready, the guests eagerly dove into line.  Seriously I think there was actually some pushing, elbowing, and shoving.  It was absolutely delicious and the easiest way to feed a crowd.  I highly recommend this style of hosting!

Now, if you choose this route of party throwing you might want to manage your time a bit better than us.  Although it was super easy, we were sweating when our guests arrived.  Martha Stewart we are not.

The party started at 5:00, just remember that.  Paul and I slept in, went to breakfast and grocery shopped, then slowly began cleaning the house and yard.  We bopped around listening to Mumford and Sons, me dancing occasionally, and had an all around lovely day.  At about 4:00, Paul and I both suddenly realized people would be arriving in an hour, and we weren’t even remotely ready!   He was still cleaning and organizing the yard and hadn’t showered.  I was scraping price tags off glasses and trying to get the chips and guac. into some kind of serving container. Gone was our afternoon of leisure, only to be replaced with two crazy people running around frantically!  At about 4:45, I decided I should probably change out of my shorts and Ugg boots and maybe put some makeup on my face.  By the time our first guests arrived, we had just lit the last candle.  The moral of the story is… learn some time management skills!

Taco Scramble –

Taco EggsTaco Eggs 2

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