Okay, the touchdown was scored by the Seahawks against the Kansas City Chiefs while I was baking this morning, but their touchdown gave me confidence that if they scored my baking project would score too!  Now, the fact that they lost, not such a good sign.

So you know you’re doing something right when a dear friend stops by with her husband and sweet baby Ella last week while on a bike ride through the neighborhood.  She, in tow with family, cheerfully bounced up to the door announcing themselves.  As we happily sat down for a chat, Michelle asked, “Is it Sunday bake day?”  And I excitedly shared my cinnamon pumpkin muffins.

On top of that, a college friend that I knew a thousand years ago (yes, college was that long ago) messaged me wanting to share a recipe because she loved my blog.  I am honored and truly touched that people are not only reading my blog but also wanting to partake in it.  Thank you!

This morning I took Annie’s Huckleberry Coffee Cake recipe, and gave it a go.  The only problem was that although I ADORE huckleberries (and I use all caps on purpose because I have a long distance love affair with huckleberries), we don’t have them in central/southern California.  So huckleberries out, blueberries in.

All went well… Paul went out for his Sunday morning vanilla latte and I dove into my baking project.  Right away I was in love with this recipe.  Simple, minimal ingredients, easy peasie (no clue how to spell that word).  I have to note that the recipe called for margarine and nonfat cream cheese, but I like real butter and the full-fat cheese.  Call me old fashioned or traditional, but sign me up for true ingredients!  I am my mother’s daughter.

As I mixed the batter, a lovely smell poured out from the mixer.  It drew me in immediately.  Folding in the blueberries only heightened my anticipation for a kick arse success.  Then as the batter baked, cooked, and transformed, the sweet aroma filled the house (we’ve got a small house).

After an hour of patience, I pulled out a beautiful coffee cake.  The Seahawks scored, and I was confident that my aromatic treat did too!  Paul and I calmly let it cool (although we wanted to dive in right away), and after 20 minutes I turned it out onto a plate.

Oddly enough, it was cooked through (my testing knife came out clean as a whistle), but the center looked to be a shiny, raw consistency.  I cut into it and everything seemed just fine but it was just super moist.  We decided that I could have left it in for about 2 more minutes, but the blueberries may have thrown off the moisture level (that’s right, I’ll blame the blueberries rather than me).

None the less, we devoured two huge pieces.  It was a fantastic start to an unplanned Sunday.

Huckleberry Coffee Cake

I love Sundays like this:  care-free, relaxed, no responsibilities, no work, just fun.  My day ended with a glass of wine while making roasted tomato, herb soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, oh and with the fire place blazin’.

Tomato Soup

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