Well, that didn’t work!

After a morning of creating the newly titled, “burn baby burn” cinnamon bread I have to admit that I was a bit shaken.  First of all, I love to bake but do I really want to subject my husband to inedible, possibly poisonous treats?  Secondly, who am I to be writing a blog about baking when I almost burned down our kitchen (okay, that’s a bit dramatic and totally not what happened but hey, my confidence was shaken and my crown as “Queen of All Baked Goods” was falling off).

Okay, yes last week sucked.  Lesson learned.  Apparently timers are helpful when trying to bake, who knew?  But I know I can kick some serious muffin arse!   Time to get back up on that wobbly horse!

Our lovely niece, Megan, texted a recipe and suggested I give it a go.  So off I went to the market, bought all of my ingredients, and returned with a renewed enthusiasm.  As I mixed, stirred, buttered, poured, and prayed Paul once again expertly mixed cinnamon and sugar.  I pulled out the little pillows of pumpkin goodness, allowed them to cool, brushed (oh who am I kidding, I lathered) butter on the tops, then dipped each one in the sweet mixture.

Last Sunday cinnamon pumpkin muffins were born.  Perfect for a fall morning.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Muffis

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