First Try

So a few weeks back, I decided that I wanted to spend my Sunday mornings baking some kind of yummy bake good for my husband and me.  I wanted to spend these mornings in my PJ’s, creating that enticing aroma of a fabulous, freshly baked, home made muffin, scone, coffee cake, etc.  Now, mind you, I envisioned this during crisp, chilly, damp fall mornings but I forgot that I live in central California and that we’re in the middle of both a drought and heat wave.  But the heck with it, I’m going to think positively and will those wonderfully comfy fall mornings to set in with this idea, regardless of the 80 degree weather!

My first attempt at this weekly baking goal was to bake blueberry muffins (one of my favorites).  My husband, Paul, patiently waited while I mixed, scraped, topped and baked 12 lovely little packages of yumminess.  Surprisingly, they actually turned out well.  We enjoyed them while watching Sunday morning football and I sent them to work with him to share with his co-workers.  I was so proud I took pictures and posted them on FaceBook (embarrassing yet true, I admit it).


I must tell you that I both love being a homemaker and appreciate the example my mother set who is a kick-arse baker.  I love filling our home with that warm, delicious feeling of love like my mom did.  She is an AMAZING baker and taught me well.  I might not do all of the traditional steps she does like sifting flour and measuring it out again before adding it to the batter, but I’m trying to emulate her knowledge and develop that innate ability of creating warmth in my home.

It’s just fun!

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